Lwasamayinja Club


Lwasamayinja Club is a team of everyday men and women like you who have decided to ensure that the kingdom of God is established in Uganda, and all over the world.

We are an army of Spirit-led people, passionate about being God’s own hands and feet in our region, and we all have one thing in common "a willing heart."
As a team, we believe that ALL it takes to be a member of Lwasamayinja Club is a willing heart to serve, and be used by God, so we have ALL made a decision to contribute our own little quota to ensure that the work of God in our region does not suffer.

Dr. Joseph Serwadda
Managing Director

Lwasamayinja Club

start making a difference today.

Partners working together for God

We see ourselves as partners working together for God, and we understand that it doesn’t really matter who sows or who waters because it is God who makes the seed to grow.

volunteering to help out

We all give financially. Some of us go further by volunteering to help out on the field, some others volunteer as telephone counselors, and yet others pray daily that our labor yields profits.

Be part of something bigger than yourself

Joining together to accomplish a task or meet a need that is greater than what any of us can do on our own, seeing the expression of God’s blessing to you as a mandate that you too be a blessing to others.

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